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Sobha Varghese


Tata Consultancy Services

Job Title

Head - Internal Communications, Continental Europe

Time with company

11 years

Connect with Sobha

Take five

Where is your favourite place in the world?

A couple of standout places that I have experienced include:

Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes – This is a Benedictine monastery complex perched high on the mountains overlooking the Cap de Creus National Park in Costa Brava, Spain. Driving up the road, winding through the mountains with stunning views of the azure blue waters below, is an experience in itself. When you reach the top, it feels like you are at the edge of the earth – absolutely mesmerizing!

Varanasi (Benares) – A holy city situated on the banks of river Ganges in Northern India. The riot of colors, rituals and traditions give you a fascinating insight into one of the oldest cultures in the world. The narrow streets and alleyways are packed with surprises, making it an ideal place for exploration and discovery.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

"If they don't give you a seat at the table, grab a folding chair."

If you could have any super power what would you choose?

The power to heal.

What’s the secret to a good life?

Be happy, no matter what the circumstances. Practice gratitude!

If you could choose a mentor who would it be?

Rachel Miller - I love her persona in internal comms; expert in her field but provides genuine and easily understandable thoughts. I love her blog posts.

Tell us a bit about your role:

I'm responsible for Internal Communications in Continental Europe. As such, I manage our internal publications in Europe, run employee campaigns, transmit corporate and leadership messages and maintain the information flow between the Europe region and our Corporate Headquarters. The role closely mirrors business developments, drawing out business messages and passing them on to employees. Internal Communications also facilitates conversations within, creating a community feeling in the organization.

What’s on your internal comms agenda right now?

We are running an employee storytelling campaign which brings out achievements of employees in Europe. This provides excellent recognition, celebrating people and drawing inspiration from within.

Who, or what, has had the biggest impact on internal comms in your organisation in the past year?

The biggest impact to Internal Comms in recent times would be the support and encouragement given to the employee storytelling campaign. Leadership and management encourage this campaign, which motivates us to go the extra mile.

What’s your proudest achievement or best day in your current role?

Starting Internal Comms from scratch, opening up each channel (and watching it take shape and evolve) has been exciting so far. The proudest achievement would be the excellent feedback received from employees on our projects as well as the encouragement given by the leadership on our storytelling campaign.

How would you advise someone considering a career in internal comms?

Internal Comms is a unique role within an organization. There is a lot to do, but you must forge your own path and lead by example.

What do you think are the top three trends in internal communications to watch out for in 2018?

1) Facilitate - The days of broadcast are over. IC will be facilitating conversations, managing user-generated content and conversations. Embrace the change and do everything to steer conversations in the right direction.  

2) Visual - Visual / video content will take priority over text.

3) Social - Whether internal or external, incorporating social will be crucial.

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