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Nicholas Wardle


Alshaya Retail

Job Title

Global Internal Communications Manager

Time with company

3 years

Connect with Nicholas

Take five

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Don't be fooled: anyone can wear a suit.

If you could have any super power what would you choose?

Unbounded energy would be useful. Imagine how much extra you could experience if you didn't need sleep.

What’s the secret to a good life?

Open communication. Things go rotten if kept inside for too long.

Who would play you in a movie?

I've been told I look like the TV character Dexter, so Michael C. Hall.

If you could choose a mentor who would it be?

Bruce Springsteen. He has a way of creating a 1:1 relationship with his audience, even in a stadium show. It's magic, really; and is something all communicators should strive for.

Setting up a Mother’s Day video shoot

With one of our Graphic Design Gurus, Saleem (Sash)

With our Content Queen, Binu Jacob, collecting our IoIC Award for Excellence from Jennifer Sproul

Tell us a bit about your role:

Alshaya Retail is based in Kuwait. The Internal Comms team has 53,000+ colleagues to engage with across 80+ brands (including Starbucks, H&M, Debenhams and Mothercare), spanning 17 countries in MENA and Europe. Being multi-market, multi-language, multi-brand/functional... it makes it quite a complex business. In short, our remit is: Brand Support, Reputation Management and Employee Engagement.

What’s on your internal comms agenda right now?

2018 will be a very busy year. Of the projects I can talk about we have new brands to discuss, new mall openings on the way, a new intranet ahoy, numerous IT projects and the usual rounds of HR support. As our brands do so many fabulous things, we always have lots of news to bring our people.

Who, or what, has had the biggest impact on internal comms in your organisation in the past year?

The individuals which make up the team. We always strive to find new ways to engage with our people. You can have all the tools in the world available, but if you don't have creative people on-board, they're futile.

What’s your proudest achievement or best day in your current role?

When we won an Institute of Internal Communications Award for Excellence. We beat some excellent competition, and I would guess it's the first time a company from Kuwait has won such an award! Our team is made up of six different nationalities, so our variety obviously helps spice up our performance.

How would you advise someone considering a career in internal comms?

I see much of internal comms as simply communicating common sense. If you can add a dash of creativity, I am sure you will be a success.

What do you think are the top three trends in internal communications to watch out for in 2018?

1. More visuals - less text and more images/infographics/videos

2. More honesty from senior leaders

3. More requests for employee participation

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